attachable shoe weights -
already in demand!



Attachable shoe weights are not available, but the order requests
are non-stop – all obtained with no financial investments, marketing
efforts and, most importantly, no social media exposure.

Here are just a FEW of the customers that are waiting to order:


I just found your website. I would like info on how to order. Would it be possible to order in bulk to sell to my Zumba classes? I would like a 2lb pair to wear to work everyday and the 1 lb pair for Zumba Class.
Good afternoon,
I would like to get a price list. I would like to order a pair. What weight sizes and color do they come in? I do personal training and I tell ALL my clients to get a pair. I have several clients that have a pair from years ago when I bought mine so we would all like to get a new pair. So please let me know!!
Debbie T.
Saw your product on line. I would like to place an order for one pair of 1/2 lb and one pair of 1lb weights. Do you still sell them?
Sandra N., BMS, BA
ITEC, Certified Reflexologist
I'd like to order your 1 lb weights. I was in FL and met a woman who has some and she told me to check this site. Do you sell them? I live in Homer, Alaska. How much does shipping cost? Please let me know.
C. Moore Von Normann
Hello Jodie,
I would love to buy a pair or two of these shoe weights. Can you please tell me how to order them or where to buy them?
Thank you.
I was so excited to find your email address! I own a fitness store in FL and would love to sell your walking weights. I learned about them from one of my customers who bought a pair a long time ago. She loves them and said I should sell them in my store. I started asking customers if they’d buy them and now I have a waiting list for people who want the first shipment! Please get back to me with the details.
Thank you,
How can I order the half pound weights? They look great on the website but I didn't see a place to order them. It's a great invention!!
Valerie C.
I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER SHOE WEIGHTS. CAN YOU PROVIDE AN order number and a place to send in a purchase order? I would like to order some for a student that I work with. Also, let me know the cost of the 2 lb. order.
Thank you
Angela S., OTR/L
I have located your website, but can’t seem to locate how to order the pediatric shoe weights (1/2 pound and 1 pound). Could you please give me that information when you have a chance?
Micki K, MPT
Physical Therapist - EI Colorado
Hi Jodie,
My name is Joyce. I got some your weights about 7 years ago. Loved them! I went to use them just recently and found one was missing. Do you still sell the weights? The pair I owe say patent pending. I would love to be put on a wait list for the weights, if there is one. Or is there somewhere they are being sold. Can't find any online.
Thanking You In Advance,
J. Brown
My name is Susanne Grecian and I have included a friend of mine in this email who already has the Jolie Weights but is interested in getting another pair. I was curious as to how much they are as I personally would like to purchase a pair of the black ones and navy blue ones in both the 1 and 2 lb sizes.
Hi Jodie,
How may I purchase a pair of the jolieweights for walking? I was looking through an old Shape magazine and saw your story. Do you still sell them? I definitely want to purchase some - what a great product you have invented! Thank you in advance for your assistance,
I have a set of weights I bought many years ago and I was interested in buying another pair. I ordered these weights after seeing an ad in the Readers Digest many years ago. Let me know where to order.
MJG, Inc.
Hi Jodie,
I hope you can help me. I would like to buy 1lb jolieweights wholesale to have at my business. I appreciate your help.
Thank you,
E. Shackelford
Do you have a website for or know of a website to order the 2 pound
shoe weights?
Thank you,
Joy W.
I’m confused by the website. Are we still able to order Jolie Weights?
J Chopra
I can’t seem to find anywhere to purchase a set of the 2 lb. weights. Is this something you can help me with?
Thank you,
Miana L. K.
Please send info on ordering. thanks!

I am a PT in a school system and am interested in your shoe weights for kids. However, I did not see pricing or ordering information. Can you send me pricing information please.
Thank you
Jane B., PT, MS
I am trying to find out how to order these shoe weights for my daughter.
Melinda B.
I would like to know if these weights are available for purchase still and if so how would i go about ordering a set. Also what is the cost for the set?
Victoria J.
I have had a pair of the 2 lb shoe weights for 5+ years and they just now (as in TODAY) developed a hole in the outer covering. It saddened to me to see they are no longer for sale because they are a big part of my fitness regimen. Please let me know when I will be able purchase a new pair.
My friend got her walking weights on this web site a long time ago and I would like to order 2 pairs of the weights you have in both 1 pounds and 2 pounds. Is it possible for me to order those?
Thank you,
Dear Jodie:
I don’t know if you are the right person to contact. I met a woman recently who had the weights that you attach to your shoes for walking. I was so excited because I’ve been looking for something exactly like the ones she had called jolie weights. Is this the right way to place an order? I also have 2 friends who would like a pair. I’d also like to know how heavy they are and what colors they come in. Please let me know if you are the right person to talk to.
Ellen W.
I saw your jolie walking weights in an old issue of Womans Day magazine and would like to order a pair. Can you tell me how much they are and what is the website that I place my order on?
E. Neiman
I was wondering where I can buy a pair of your shoe weights. I didn't see anyway to order on your website so I'm wondering if they are still available. Please let me know I would love to buy them.
Thank you,
Can you send me some order information on the 1/2 pound weights.
Laurie M.

I can’t seem to find anywhere to purchase a set of the 2 lb. weights. Is this something you can help me with?
Thank you,
M. Kellem
Hi Jodie,
I am interested in finding out how much these are. I have an almost 4 yr old that I would like to have wear these. What weight do you suggest? He is unusually strong for his age and has sensory processing disorder/PDD-NOS (Autism Spectrum), and seeks physical input and this was suggested by his physical therapist to keep him calm throughout the day so he can learn.
Renee H.
To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to order your walking weights for my 2 daughters and my mother. Can you let me know where I can order them and how long will it take for them to arrive? I live in Michigan.
J. Elliot
Hello, are these still being made? I am interested in purchasing a pair of these. Can you tell me if they are orderable or available in a retailer? Thank you
Allison R.
Hi Jodie!!
I don't expect you to remember me. I ordered 2 pair of your shoe weights. I even referred a friend of mine to you back then that loved my weights. I still use mine every day!!! At the time I actually ordered 2 pair so I would have them in case I wore them out. Believe this...I have yet to need the new one's. My original pair is still hanging in there!! They are the best!! Do you still offer them? Have you expanded your line of weights?
Hope to hear back from you!
Lee Ann
I am emailing about your shoe weights. A new woman joined our mommy & me group and has a pair. She gave me your website. We all walk together and would like to order some. There are 7 of us in our group. How can we order your weights? please let me know as soon as possible.
Thank you,
To whom it may concern,
I want to buy the walking weights. I ran across your website for walking weights and would like to order a pair in black. Please let me know where I can order them.
F. Russell
I ordered a pair of your walking weights several years ago. I haven't worn them in a while and now I can't find them. I'd like to buy another pair, can you tell me where I can find them?
Thank You,
C. Shiplin
I also left you a phone message. I'm very very interested in buying a set of the 2 lb. shoe weights. Two questions: 1) what type of weight material is used inside the pouch and 2) what is the outside pouch material? Please drop me a line or leave me a message to let me know if you are still in business and taking orders, and I'd need to know about shipping also.
Thank you.
How can I order the half pound weights? They look great on the website but I didn't see a place to order them. It's a great invention.
Valerie C.
I am interested in getting some of your shoe weights for my kid, how can I order them?
Please let me know.
Thank you,
Our physical therapist recommended we order these shoe weights for our 4 year old son to help with his balance and motor planning. How can I order them and what is the cost?
Thank you.
Gilian B.
I don’t know if you can help me, but I am the mother of an 8 year old tiptoe walker and have been advised that I should be using shoe or ankle weights. Your product looks great, but I’m having difficulty sourcing it in the UK. Do you have any idea how I may get hold of them?
Many thanks
Harriet C.
I’m urgently looking to purchase Jolie Shoe Weights for my almost 12-year old daughter. Her Physical Therapist strongly recommended that we buy the one-pound weights to attach to her shoes. Please advise where they can be bought- I am not finding any sites where they are sold!
Thanks for your help,
Esther G.
Hi Jodie: are you still selling these shoe weights? I am looking for some to help my child's toewalking. She is 3 1/2 and around 30 pounds. She has sensory issues.
Jennifer S.

Hi there,
I was wondering of you could let me know how much the children's shoe weights cost and how much it would cost to have them delivered to the UK. Do you have a provider in the UK?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
P. Kartar

Where can I purchase a pair of the 2-lb weights?
Jay B.
(phone call)

- Ernest / Tucson (also sent an email, wants 2 lb. weights)
- Lincoln / New York City (previously bought a pair, wants another pair)
- David / Los Angeles (wanted to know how to place an order for 1 & 2 lb weights for himself and his wife to start walking to lose weight)
- Kala / Ohio (wants weights for her son’s elementary school track team)
- Fay / Wisconsin (wants to make sure she's still on the waiting list)



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