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Step-Up Your Workouts!

Increasing the effectiveness of your workouts has never been so easy! Safely add resistance with attachable shoe weights to help strengthen and tone muscles, increase stamina and burn up to 15% more calories.

Designed for all fitness levels, ages and body types, shoe weights can be worn by everyone – whether you’re a serious athlete, an avid exerciser or you run a busy household and family – you are taking every movement to the next level.

Durable and compact shoe weights easily attach to any laced shoe and secure with an adjustable Velcro® strap. Unlike ankle weights, shoe weights safely add input at the extended area of the foot, as opposed to wrapping around the ankle joint and Achilles tendon, which can cause irritation, injury and potentially cause the body to be thrown off-balance.

Attachable shoe weights can be conveniently left on your shoes so they’re already attached when you’re ready to go! 



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I have two pair of the one pound weights and
I wear them EVERY DAY. I'm excited to now
find the two pound weights!
- Sandra Beuten
Tinley Park, IL




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